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Life's Good Things

Life's Good Things

$ 15.00

Look for: Bright, very clean, black/blue berries, milk chocolate

The name of our company comes from a poem we love.  You can read more about our naming process here and here.  But in short the poem goes like this:

It's the coward who quits to a lickin'

It's the knave who changes each day

It's the fool who wins half his battles;

Then throws all his chances away.


Life's Good Things all come from hard pounding.

The butter's whipped from cream.

Success is the bride of endeavor, 

and luck!  But a lazy man's dream.


The time to succeed is when others;

discouraged, show traces of tire.

The battle is fought in the home-stretch

and WON 'twixt the Flag & the Wire.

Our lives are like that.  Our business is like that.  There's little that comes to us without hard work.  But that pushing--that expenditure of blood, sweat, tears, money--yields a harvest of good things.  It's worth it.

Life's Good Things is our lightest roasted blended coffee.  We think it's an amazing espresso and so do our friends and customers in our retail shop.  Try it!  You'll like it!