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Sample Trio - Africa

Sample Trio - Africa

$ 38.00

We're happy to offer this collection of three single origin coffees for you & your special people this holiday season. 

This year we've selected three very special African coffees that we're proud of.

The first one is our Rwanda Buf Cafe.  The famed Buf Cafe washing station is in the mountains near the village of Karaba, in the Ginkongoro prefecture in south-central Rwanda. Buf Cafe started operation in 2000, after funding aid from the Rwandan Development Bank and USAID’s PEARL project.  Very cool.  Look for Bright sparking Grape, cherry & lime!  It's fruity & special.

The second is our Ethiopia Bensa Shantawene.  This is the second year we've picked this coffee up from the Sidama region of Ethiopia, and we couldn't be happier with it.  We know're going to love it, too.  Look for passion fruit juice, brandy, cherry liqueur, fresh blackberry and raspberry juice.  A dense, syrupy coffee that can be overpowering.

The third coffee in this box is our Burundi Nkonge Hill.  This is our third year working with the farmers on Nkonge Hill, and each year the cup quality we experience is better & better.  Look for that cola, melon gelato, & orange blossom!  It's waiting there for you.