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Peru Utcubamba

Peru Utcubamba

$ 16.00

What to Expect: Strawberry, Chocolate, Grape Jam


"Utcubamba" or also translated into "cotton plain" can help paint the picture of where this coffee comes from. Imagine mountains that reach for the sky with a valley full of cotton plants, natures finest puruvian air and the beautiful Utcubamba river. 

Now imagine a valley full of coffee plants rather than cotton, and you'll see what we're working with. Utcubamba is the name of a river that flows through the Amazonas region of Peru. Surrounding the river are steep cliffs and many hot springs. The coffee that grows in the province of Utcubamba is extremely sweet because it grows at a high altitude (1600-1800 MASL). Beans grown in high altitudes are denser because they mature very slowly. After harvest, the coffee cherries are laid out in drying beds to ferment and lose moisture, resulting in a crop with a beautiful taste of a chocolate covered strawberry.