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Blends Sample Trio

Blends Sample Trio

$ 32.00

There was this moment sometime in the spring of 2014 when I realized how unhappy I was with the blends I was offering.  They were good and we certainly had people that loved buying them.  But looking back I can see that we had a consistency problem.

Anyway, long story short, I quit blending!  Which was a weird move that a lot of people didn't understand.  But for about a year there, we just didn't blend anything at all, opting for all single-origin offerings.

When I came up for air and started experimenting again with blending, I had the benefit of having a clearer sense of WHY I was doing it and what I was trying to accomplish.

What you have in this box is the fruit of a lot of thought and energy!  

Life's Good Things is a blend that we roast into first crack.  The components change from season to season but we rely heavily on high grown coffees from Peru and Camaroon, as well as Ethiopia and Brazil.  Look for a bright coffee--some citrus, but also red fruits.

Benevolence is the first coffee we blended after that hiatus.  It's a super approachable coffee that we recommend for your daily-drip.  Look for baking chocolate--not too sweet!--as well as some pretty nice low-toned nut-notes.  Nut-notes.  That's fun to say.

Finally Road Trip, which has turned into one of our most approachable and purchased coffees.  It's the darkest thing we've ever roasted which--I'll admit--has presented new & unique challenges.  The darker you roast a coffee the more difficult it can be to implement your vision.  Luckily I'm an aggressive pursuer of my vision.  Look for a very comfortable coffee--smooth and medium bodied, nuttier notes than the Benevolence, balanced acidity.  Just a super nice morning cup that doesn't demand anything from you.


Love, Nick