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Ethiopia Bensa Qonqona

Ethiopia Bensa Qonqona

$ 17.00

12 oz. - Whole Beans

What to expect: grapefruit, root beer, cranberry

 Farm: Qonqona Mill
District: Bensa
Zone: Sidama 

Ethiopa Bensa Qonqona comes from the Qonqona Mill, a sister mill to where our Ethiopia Bensa Shantawene is produced. The mill gets its name from the Qonqona River that it is situated next to, which also contributes to the optimal nutrient and mineral-rich soil in the area. Eshettu is the manager of the mill, which is a perfect fit because coincidentally his name translates into "ripe fruit"! 

The Ethiopia Qonqona is a sunny citrus coffee grounded with an earthy bite and subtle effervescence that is sure to lift your spirits.