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Burundi Nkonge Hill

Burundi Nkonge Hill

$ 20.00

12 oz. - Whole Beans

This is one of the most interesting coffees we've ever roasted at Flag & Wire. 

Here are a couple of highlights:

  • Very high grown, (measured at 2102 meters above sea level!)
  • Dense floral sweetness
  • This is a honey processed microlot from a brand new washing station called Heza.  We're the only lucky kids to have nabbed this particular lot.
  • We have a limited supply of this coffee and it won't last!

What to expect: The scent of jasmine followed by bright floral flavors of lemon rind and raspberry syrup. Complimented by a syrupy body and a cherry blossom finish.

The coffee comes from the Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi, a husband-wife team that's doing some REALLY cool things in the industry there. Check out our blog for more info on why we love supporting them!