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Nick Walton


Nick was born and raised on a farm here in the Willamette Valley. He is so grateful to live where he lives and gets to do what he does with the people he gets to do it with. He considers himself very lucky when he found Kim, who became his partner in everything--they live together, they do business together, and raise their three awesome kids.There's nothing in his life he likes as much as his family. Kim and his kids are pretty much the it thing for him.

He has some traumatic events in his childhood associated with dogs and because of those he’s not a "dog person". But four years ago he added Daisy, a boxer into their family and while Nick was the slowest adopter, he loves her very much now.

When Nick was 15 years old a guy came out to the farm where he grew to fill the back of his little pickup with buckets full of cow manure. Nick wasn't sure what he was up to, but eventually he learned that he was a vermicomposter, which means he made compost with the help of earthworms. Nick fell pretty far down the rabbit hole and in due course he became a board member of a vermicomposting periodical called "Worm Digest". This is not a joke. Nick loves compost--and he loves vermicompost even more.
Nick is a little bit of a serial hobbyist… So his interests are widely varied. Coffee obviously ranks highly--it's a broad and fascinating global industry with a never-ending series of things to learn about.

Fun Facts:
Nick likes to read, and loves to write, although it's commonly difficult for him to get started. He also enjoys woodworking and loves cob buildings. He likes to cook, but LOVES to bake and has a pretty healthy sourdough starter. He also loves goldfish, and if Kim would let him. He’d have a thousand gallon tank of goldfish in the coffee shop. Not letting Nick put a thousand gallons of water and goldfish poop in a coffee shop is just ONE way in which Kim is an asset to her community.Nick is exactly pretty handy. Not very handy. He follows instructions fairly well. He can change out most parts on a 1965 Mercury Comet, (Caliente!), a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle or a 1987 Jeep Cherokee. He’s also no slouch with older model Volvo 240's. He can build a deck. He can sand and finish wood floors. He has many tools and gets bored easily.