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David Martinez-George

Hello my name is David, I was born and raised here in McMinnville, Oregon, and in my 21 years of, life have never left. When I’m not working you can probably find me dancing, or coaching the McMinnville grizzlies dance team. I started my dance career on the Grizzlies dance team six years ago, and am now the head coach along side the most amazing co-coach you could ask for. I hope to one day take my dance journey to a professional level, I’d love to be a backup dancer for any of my favorite artist, and be able to perform all around the world. I love listening to music, some of my favorite artist are Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Bad Bunny, Michael Jackson, anything with a good beat will. I enjoy a good podcast every now and then, I’m still new to the podcast game, but when I have a little more under my belt that I follow, I’ll keep you updated. I try my best to make sure to get quality time with my family, always is a priority for me, even if it’s 15 minutes or or anytime time I can be there. I’m the oldest of four boys, my moms first son, my grandmas roommate, and all my friends are my cousins, I love my family, good music, dance, and coffee !