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Steeped Coffee Bags!
Steeped Coffee Bags!

Steeped Coffee Bags!

$ 2.50
The easiest way to make a perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere in minutes. Convenience meets quality with single-serve Steeped bags.

The bags are sonically sealed, which is cool.  It uses sonic vibrations to seal the bag materials together so there's no funky-ness in your cup of coffee in the form of glue.  And as if that's not cool enough--the whole operation is compostable!  Bag, tag & outer wrapping. 

We use Road Trip to produce these bags.  We worked with a partner company, (Steeped) and they produced some "discovery samples" for us to try.  Because we wanted a consistent experience we knew we wanted to use one of our blended coffees, so we had them make samples of Road Trip, Benevolence and Life's Good Things.  

We then set about one of the hardest and most thankless parts of our job--drinking plenty of coffee all leisurely-like.

Because of their proprietary system we find MUCH less degradation than you'd usually expect to see because of the power of nitrogen.  Thanks, nitrogen--we appreciate you.

We feel like these are absolutely the best option we've found yet for great coffee on-the-go.  As a team we've used them while camping, on the road and here in the roasting room, and we really do love them!