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Farm Fresh Organic Cotton Tees

Farm Fresh Organic Cotton Tees

$ 25.00

When we do a tee at Flag & Wire, we try to do something we can get excited about!  Something we love, and that we'll love wearing ourselves.

These tees are made in the USA of organic cotton.  We like that.  They're printed beautifully with discharge ink, which means instead of the image being printed on the fabric, the garment's dye is removed and replaced. 

This means that years from now your loved ones will sneak this shirt away from you while you sleep, threadbare and reeking of body odor, and they'll throw it away in the trash because they don't want you wearing it in public anymore--but the beautiful image will remain.

Our tee was designed locally here in McMinnville by our friend Liam Stary of Stary Graphic Arts

They're soft.  They're cool.  Git 'em.