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Tanzania Iwalanje Peaberry

Tanzania Iwalanje Peaberry

$ 22.00
Founded in 2018, Iwalanje AMCOS started out collecting coffee that was processed by smallholders on their plots. In 2022, they expanded to producing fully washed coffees, setting up a washing station and acquiring a motorized handpulper. Many smallholder farmers in Tanzania work collectively as Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies (AMCOS), which centralize cherry delivery to dedicated processing stations.

The cherries sourced from the 273 smallholders who deliver to Iwalanje are grown in clay loam, with plantings consisting mainly of Bourbon derivates (90% N 39, 10% KP 423). Cherries are delivered daily during harvest, immediately pulped, and then graded. After fermentation (24-48 hours), the parchment is washed, soaked, and sun-dried on tables for 8-14 days.
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