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Sumatra Aceh Gayo HONEY Process!

Sumatra Aceh Gayo HONEY Process!

$ 17.50
Look for: balanced sweetness, lactic acidity, medium body/mouthfeel, apple, pear, soft melon.

This coffee was sourced through East Edge Coffee, a new exporter with the goal of bringing interesting coffees from Indonesia to the world.  East Edge believes that Indonesian coffees--particularly Sumatran coffees have been type-cast in our industry a certain way.  And for lots of folks it's a good way!  But it's very specific.  When people think of "Sumatra", they tend to think of a heavy coffee, lots of bass, with earthy, herbal tasting notes like peat moss & cedar & marijuana.

East Edge is on a mission to find delicious coffees from Indonesia that don't always fit that mold.  This coffee is a great example of that.  It's a honey-processed coffee meaning that it was processed by first depulping the coffee and then drying the de-pulped beans fully in the sun.  The resulting merits of this process are hotly debated around the world in both consuming and producing communities.  In any case it's a fun thing to observe the same coffee being processed two different ways, and being able to take note of those developments that have occurred as a result of processing alone, all other factors being held equally.