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Kenya Kabng'Etuny

Kenya Kabng'Etuny

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What to Expect: Pineapple, Papaya, Green Grape, Blueberry, Key Lime and Cinnamon.

We here at Flag & Wire get so excited about projects like this one!  Francis is a friend and an inspirational figure to us.  Read below for more information about the coffee itself.

From Francis Kungu of Jamii Coffee:

In a community where the land ownership belongs to men with women providing labor, we are constantly looking to identify ideas that promote women's empowerment in the coffee industry.

In 2018, my team visited Kabng'Etuny Co-op and identified a project rooted in inspiration and ingenuity. The region is traditionally known for athletics and it was gratifying to see the ingenuity of the Kabng'Etuny Women Coffee.

In the local Kalenjin language, Kabng'Etuny means a place of Lions. In 2015, under the leadership of their Chairman Samson Koskei, Kabng'Etuny members started thinking of ideas to empower women in the society to improve living standards. Samson’s story in coffee is that of an outsider looking inside to find a solution to alleviate poverty and create sustainability through innovation. Every time Samson would visit his home people in the community would keep asking him to contribute for school fees, medical expenses etc. A journey that would typically take him 30 minutes would end up taking 2-3hrs.

By the time he would get to his house he was broke and exhausted. Samson knew that this dependency cycle was not sustainable. Upon retirement, Samson took up leadership of the Co-op with a vision to transform it into a wealth creation and poverty alleviation organization through proper quality management and innovation. To achieve this vision, Samson knew that empowering women was key. He urged the men to allocate the women coffee bushes to support them to be registered as co-op members.

The members agreed to give their wives a minimum of 50 coffee trees to be registered separately at the Co-op as members. The members also resolved that the coffee produced by the women is to be processed and marketed separately as Women Coffee. This set-up allowed the women to start earning coffee revenue alongside their husbands.


Through coffee plants allocated and revenue raised:

  • Membership has grown from 162 to 380 and are Fair Trade Certified.
  • Coffee production has increased to 624 bags in 2018
  • Have purchased a maize mill machine worth approximately $25,000.
  • Purchased a piece of land for Maize mill plant and are in the process of acquiring another one.
  • Have an ongoing of biogas project for the members
  • Have capacity building for all members on good agricultural practices
  • Plan to launch their own roasted coffee label in 2019 called Zawadi which means Gift in Kiswahili.