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Ethiopia Kellenso Mekonissa

Ethiopia Kellenso Mekonissa

$ 17.00

12 oz. - Whole Beans

What to expect: raspberry jam, sage, fresh cream, black currant

Ethiopa Bensa Shantawene comes from the Shantawene Mill, a sister mill to where our Ethiopia Bensa Qonqona is produced. Shantawene sits on the foothills of the Bombe Mountains, making it one of the highest elevated coffee mills in the area. Because of its elevation, the fruit ripens at a calmer pace. Once the coffee cherries are picked they are placed upon raised beds and begin the sun-drying process. 

This coffee makes for a decadent beverage with its bright berry notes and lactic texture. It continues to taste delightful on the cool-down, as it takes on more herbal characteristics.