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Ethiopia Bensa Qonqona

Ethiopia Bensa Qonqona

$ 17.00

What to expect: spice & ripe fruit, blackberry cordial, syrupy body sparkling acidity.

The capitol of Ethiopa is a city called Addis Ababa.  It's right smack in the middle of the country.  Ethiopia is broken up into zones & districts--you could think of them as states and counties--they're not the same political structures as states and counties, but they're geographical areas of descending size.  Ethiopia is bigger than the Sidama Zone, which is bigger than the district of Bensa, which is bigger than the town of Daye.

And that's where our beautiful Bensa Qonqona hails from--a small town called Daye.  There's a river outside of Daye called the Qonqona river, and on its banks the Qonqona Mill, a sister mill to where our Ethiopia Bensa Shantawene is produced. 

This coffee from the Qonqona mill is grown by about 3000 producers with very small farms located between 1700 & 2100 meters above sea level, (masl).  It's a tremendously labor and process-intensive journey.

Coffee is brought into the washing station as red cherry, and a premium is paid for a crop harvested consistently & fully ripe.  Cherries are floated for a period of several hours to remove inconsistent or under-developed fruit.  Fully rips cherry sinks to the bottom while under-developed fruit is lighter and floats.  But skimming these off the top and only processing the heavier fruit beneath the folks at Qonqona mill ensure a predictably amazing product that we're happy to have as part of our lineup.