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Colombia Finca Bella Vista

Colombia Finca Bella Vista

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What to Expect: Jasmine-floral, red delicious apple, sweet.
We are SO proud to present this coffee from our friends at Finca Bella Vista.  2019 marks the first time we're working together, but at Flag & Wire we're confident it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  The following was written by Marcella Doyle, a member of this farming family who, along with her McMinnville-born husband Kevin splits time between Colombia and Oregon.

Finca Bella Vista is one of the 500,000 very small family farms working in Colombia.  It's 4 hectare farm acquired by my grandfather in 1972 and now owned and operated by my father, Fabian Echeverry, and his two brothers. Located just outside the colonial pueblo Marsella in the Department of Risaralda a region part of the famous Coffee Growing Triangle, Eje Cafetero. This small land has been the home of my family and has served as an economic support and training in values. There are several neighboring families that work for us and have depended economically on the coffee production of our farm.

Our coffee comes from a family with a coffee tradition of four generations, our great-grandparents moved from the north of Caldas and east of Antioquia to the Municipality of Marsella around the first years of the 20th century, looking for better life and work opportunities. Finca Bella Vista produces varietals such as Caturro, Colombia, and Supremo at an altitude of 1570 meters above sea level. 

Our coffee is fully washed processed in the traditional method of ferment and wash. The coffee once it has been pulped will undergo a period of fermentation closely monitored for about 36 hours or more depending on temperature. 

After these steps the seeds are set out to dry on patios with retractable roofs, protection from the heavy amounts of rain Colombia receives during harvest season. The coffee is carefully sun-dried and turned several times a day usually for the next couple weeks until the coffee reaches the optimal moisture content for shipping and roasting.