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Coffee Cup Puzzle - Answer

Coffee Cup Puzzle - Answer

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Which Flag & Wire coffee cup will the Chemex fill up first?

Before we just give it away, lets walk through this puzzle. 

The lovely Chemex is pouring our Benevolence blend into the first section of piping. Our eyes gravitate to option 4 first, we notice there is a clear path up until the end where it's blocked just before the cup. So, we move onto option 3. This also looks good until we see the piping is blocked at the entrance. This takes us over to option 1 which also is blocked down the pipeline. The last option is 2, which has a clear path, all the way to the cup! 

Thank you for playing a long with us. Stay connected with us on Instagram/Facebook for more good brain teasers in the future. 

- The Flag & Wire Team