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Rally in the Valley Recap

Every month a group of us chummy coffee companies gather to show off our latte art skills and raise money for non-profits in our communities. We call this series of events Rally in the Valley. On May 18th we had the pleasure of having a turn at hosting our second latte throwdown at Flag & Wire! Members of both our coffee and McMinnville communities joined us that night to cheer on their favorite baristas and cool off with beer on our first really hot day of the season.    For this event we chose to put all the proceeds toward the SNACK Program. They are a program local to Yamhill County that focuses on helping families to establish a healthy lifestyle....

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Global Specialty Coffee Expo 2017 - 4 Perspectives!

Every Spring coffee industry folks congregate from all over the world for the Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle, Washington. This year Nick, Kim, Matthew, and Barbara made the trek up there to attend lectures, connect with the community, check out new innovations, and celebrate specialty coffee, of course. Here are each of their perspectives and take-aways from their experiences.                     Nick: I love this event.  The Specialty Coffee Association of America , (or SCAA) has been an important factor in the rise of our industry since 1982.  We at Flag & Wire are relative newcomers--All but one of us were born after 1982. But now that we’re all grown up...

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Happy New Year - A Note from Nick

My mom & dad were Y2K worriers. I don’t throw that out as a judgment--we’ve got some gear and stuff put by for the apocalypse at the Walton house. My parents had Y2K. We’ve got a nameless civilization-ender. An earthquake, or a North Korean Nuke or something.That New Year’s celebration years ago sticks out poignantly in my mind each time we roll the calendar. I remember right where I was at 11:59:59, December 31st, 1999. I remember the the room--heck, I remember the chair I was sitting on. I was having a good time, but I remember there being a small voice or presence in my mind thinking that this could be the end and beginning of something. That maybe...

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Flag & Wire Takes New Shapes

Every morning, I wake up excited. These are good days. It feels like this thing we’ve been working on (Flag & Wire) is really taking new shapes all the time and that’s incredibly gratifying for me! It looks nothing like what I imagined it might five years ago. Although we have goals and plans for the future, I know our vision will change again. But it’s really fun to watch this company get large enough to do some unfolding for itself. It’s alive! On a personal level, these are great days in my house. We’ve moved our family closer to the center of our business. It has been (and remains to be) hard and sad to not live as close...

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