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Happy New Year - A Note from Nick

My mom & dad were Y2K worriers. I don’t throw that out as a judgment--we’ve got some gear and stuff put by for the apocalypse at the Walton house. My parents had Y2K. We’ve got a nameless civilization-ender. An earthquake, or a North Korean Nuke or something.That New Year’s celebration years ago sticks out poignantly in my mind each time we roll the calendar. I remember right where I was at 11:59:59, December 31st, 1999. I remember the the room--heck, I remember the chair I was sitting on. I was having a good time, but I remember there being a small voice or presence in my mind thinking that this could be the end and beginning of something. That maybe...

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The Power of the Schnecken

The Coffee Business We produce a product that’s not necessary for the sustenance of human life. That was the realization I had, sitting on the floor of our kitchen, crying with my wife one night the first winter our coffeehouse in the Granary District was open. We just weren’t making any money. We weren’t long term locals, so we didn’t have the support structure that comes with living/playing/schooling/worshiping/eating in a community for a whole lifetime. We weren’t ace-in-the-hole business people, either. We were really feeling our way forward as young entrepreneurs. A lot of our days felt like they were two steps forward and maybe one-&-three-quarters back. So we were sitting there on the floor together and my wife said...

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What does customer service really mean?

It’s our goal that people would feel loved and cared for when they connect with Flag & Wire. Years ago, I used to help my friend Richard (an older guy and a mentor in my young life) do logistical work for a church campout every summer. Church campout makes it sound tiny, but in reality it was hundreds and hundreds of people camping for just one weekend (which makes it harder because you have to have your ducks in a row or it’ll be a total mess). Everybody ate together on this campout and there were all kinds of other considerations like firewood and parking and security and hot water. One year while we were getting ready for this big...

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