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Long Miles - Fostering Relationships with the Global Community

Many relationships start with a cup of coffee. Our relationship with Long Miles has grown thanks to like-minded ideals for coffee and the warm welcoming arms they extend to others. This kind family embodies the notion of "home is where the heart is", having uprooted and established a life for themselves in the midst of their work in the country of Burundi. During their time nestled among the hills they have become part of and contributed greatly to the community there. The Carlson family has an abundant love for their product and all those who have a hand in it.  With always the best of intentions, every idea and action made by Long Miles is incredibly thoughtful. The amount of...

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Now You Can Try Burundi Beans Here in the Willamette Valley

Tucked between Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi is a little country with big potential. Though war-torn and impoverished throughout much of the country, it is one of the most rurally dense countries in the world, with hills upon hills of families who dedicate their lives to their crops. Each ‘colline’ (French for ‘hill’) has anywhere from 60 to 140 farming families, making up a bustling and rich community. Nkonge Hill is just one of these numerous communes, and just like the others, it is home to the tens of thousands of coffee trees that provide work for Burundi families. The unique coffee beans of Burundi were originally planted in the 1960’s by the Belgians. This highly-valued...

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