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Now You Can Try Burundi Beans Here in the Willamette Valley

Tucked between Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi is a little country with big potential. Though war-torn and impoverished throughout much of the country, it is one of the most rurally dense countries in the world, with hills upon hills of families who dedicate their lives to their crops. Each ‘colline’ (French for ‘hill’) has anywhere from 60 to 140 farming families, making up a bustling and rich community. Nkonge Hill is just one of these numerous communes, and just like the others, it is home to the tens of thousands of coffee trees that provide work for Burundi families.

Burundi coffee farmers

The unique coffee beans of Burundi were originally planted in the 1960’s by the Belgians. This highly-valued crop has since been buried by the presence of commercial blends, leaving its distinct flavor to be neglected by most of the world. These 50 years of cultivation have produced a coffee bean ready to wow our palates and propel Burundi into the specialty coffee segment.

burundi coffee beans

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Nkonge Hill coffee beans introduce themselves with the scent of jasmine as you bring the mug to your mouth. The floral flavors mix with the zing of lemon rind and the sweetness of raspberry syrup, and your buds are left with a cherry blossom finish as the coffee warms the back of your tongue. The natural springs of Nkonge Hill leave the soil nutrient-rich, feeding the coffee beans as they slowly mature. The hill nourishes 78,741 trees at over 6,000 feet above sea level, where nearly 500 families find work. The slow maturation process coupled with the nutritious soil has produced a deeply floral and sweet cup of coffee, which Flag & Wire is excited and proud to serve.

Long Miles Coffee Project

We have teamed up with Long Miles Coffee Project to bring the beauty of this coffee to the Willamette Valley. Long Miles is a small family organization that produces micro-lots of coffee in the collines of Burundi. They establish direct connections between the hard-working families of Burundi and exceptional coffee roasters to inspire hope through quality, craft, and growth for the future. We’re so glad to be partnering with them!