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Long Miles - Fostering Relationships with the Global Community

Many relationships start with a cup of coffee. Our relationship with Long Miles has grown thanks to like-minded ideals for coffee and the warm welcoming arms they extend to others. This kind family embodies the notion of "home is where the heart is", having uprooted and established a life for themselves in the midst of their work in the country of Burundi. During their time nestled among the hills they have become part of and contributed greatly to the community there. The Carlson family has an abundant love for their product and all those who have a hand in it. 

With always the best of intentions, every idea and action made by Long Miles is incredibly thoughtful. The amount of care they have for the place, people, and product is evident. We like to think you can taste that in each sip of the Burundi coffee. From care comes quality.

The eyes of Ben and Kristy Carlson recognized great potential for Burundi's land and its people. They visualized an honest and forward thinking production of coffee. They envisioned a premium use of the unique micro-climates of each respective hill. The first and most crucial step for that was to focus attention on the well being of their farmers and their communities. 

"Flag & Wire isn't uncommon in our desire to see the quality-of-life gap closed across our industry...we've developed a resolved spirit toward improving lives, and we've positioned ourselves in McMinnville" Nick feels,"...the folks at Long Miles feel the same way, and they've positioned themselves with that attitude in the nation of Burundi." 

Building a happier, stronger global community is a goal that unites many of us. 

 "That's why we're working with Long Miles-- they're developing strategies & facilities that lead to meaningful change for some of the poorest people on the planet, AND they're doing it in a way that produces some amazing coffees that we're proud & excited to roast and serve to our customers." – Nick Walton

Flag & Wire's interest in Long Miles began back in Spring of 2014, when our founders, Nick and Kim, attended the annual SCAA conference in Seattle. Ben was a part of the panel for a lecture on coffee farming practices that touch on various regions of the world. Kim fondly remembers feeling incredibly inspired by his and his family's story: 
"I continued to be inspired as I found their website and blog, and read through more about who they were and what they were about. We couldn't be more pleased to partner with them in their vision of creating direct and meaningful relationships between farmers and roasters." - Kim Walton

Long Miles seeks and values long lasting relationships, we look forward to getting to know them through each cup of Burundi we enjoy. Join us?