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Benevolence Program Feature: Friends of Trees

With the beginning of Winter upon us, most of us are spending our Saturday mornings wrapped in a blanket with a warm drink in our mug and enjoying the view of a cold frigid morning from the comfort of the window. On the other side of the glass, somewhere in your community, is a team of volunteers all bundled up with a shovel in their fleece-gloved hands digging and patting away in the cool morning soil. 

 Thousands of volunteers each year lend a helping hand to our environment and communities by planting trees in different urban and natural areas. The Friends of Trees organization has been active for the past 27 years, and has since assembled thousands of yearly volunteers. From cities, to college campuses, to parks they have aided in the lushness and well-being of these areas.  

The act of planting is not the full extent of what they do. In addition to Neighborhood Tree Plantings, they have also have a program dedicated to Tree Care. Throughout the Summer, Friends of Trees sends out a number of their volunteers to assess and maintain what has been planted by the organization within the past 10 years. The maintenance includes all the hard work of pruning and watering the trees. All of that amounts to 53,000 trees a year that are under their care. 


To givers, we love to give. That is why we have chosen Friends of Trees as our Benevolence program’s beneficiary this quarter. Ten percent of the proceeds of each retail bag of Benevolence we sell goes toward our donation for this organization, to help power them to keep our communities looking green and feeling lovely.

Let's help support this great team by doing what we do best, drinking coffee! For more information on how you can be involved, visit