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Flag & Wire Benevolence Program

How does a company “give back”? Or just “give”?

We want our company to be involved in making things better and one of the ways we’re working toward that is with the Benevolence Program.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know that we have a blend called “Benevolence”. We picked that name for a number of reasons. It’s fun to say--it’s an easy-to-say long word. Four nice, tidy syllables. The coffee itself is blended to be benevolent, kindly, well meaning. It’s blended to be pretty smooth and approachable. So the name made sense to us.

As a company, we’ve always been as generous as we could be. I can’t remember a time we’ve denied a donation request. We love doing stuff like that! There have been some really cool things that we’ve had the opportunity to be some small part of supporting over the years. But those things have been sporadic and we wanted to be a little more intentional.

When we started crafting a more consistent approach to giving, it made sense to us to call it our Benevolence Program. Here’s how it works:

Every quarter we select a different cause or charity or organization whose work we’re really excited about. They receive 10% of our retail Benevolence sales for the quarter. We also try to push them a little bit through our various social media outlets -- generally try to raise awareness among our customer base about a group of people doing good work who they may not have heard of before.

For this 3 month period, for instance, our Benevolence Program funds and support will be going to The Cupcake Girls!

These lovely ladies provide respect, resources and relationship to those that find themselves working in the adult entertainment industry. Career coaching, crisis and emergency care, domestic violence and safe house support, and medical care and education assistance are just a few of the wonderful things they help provide.

If you haven't heard of them already, you should check them out! Their donation page is super easy to use and your support makes a big difference!

We here at Flag & Wire think they're pretty fantastic! We’re excited to encourage our customer base to spend a few minutes looking at their website and consider kicking down a donation.