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Flag & Wire Takes New Shapes

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Every morning, I wake up excited. These are good days. It feels like this thing we’ve been working on (Flag & Wire) is really taking new shapes all the time and that’s incredibly gratifying for me! It looks nothing like what I imagined it might five years ago. Although we have goals and plans for the future, I know our vision will change again. But it’s really fun to watch this company get large enough to do some unfolding for itself. It’s alive!

On a personal level, these are great days in my house. We’ve moved our family closer to the center of our business. It has been (and remains to be) hard and sad to not live as close to friends and family in Corvallis. But to be able to live closer to new relationships in McMinnville, cut the commute to nearly nothing and have my family so much more involved on a daily basis is, again, gratifying.

Our roastery project is coming right along. It’s just such a beautiful space and it’s developing into something we’ll be able to be proud of and do quality work in for a lot of years. I love the thought of really having roots as a company. I feel like having our roasting facility and our flagship retail outlet under a single roof is a great step in that direction.

In 2015, we formalized relationships with a number of outside companies and vendors that will allow us to do what we do better. We’re now working with Suite 4—a marketing firm here in McMinnville. They literally allow us to be in two places at once. No—it’s better than that. They allow us to be in one place, and another version of ourselves, (a version that really understands the media/marketing concerns of our individual business) to be in another place.

We’ve firmed up our relationships with our importers which is vital to our understanding of the supply chain. Understanding the supply chain is essential to be able to authentically source, roast and talk to people about our coffees. We continue to develop relationships directly with farmers—with plans for trips to Indonesia, India and Nicaragua on the horizon. (Evan, one of our baristas and I leave for Aceh, Indonesia on the first of February.)

It’s just a really exciting time to be involved with Flag & Wire! We have a lot of really cool things planned for 2016 and we’re so grateful for our customers—retail customers in our shop in McMinnville, wholesale customers all over Oregon, and the region and online customers nationwide.